Meet some members

and their pets!


Director of shelter

Montica started volunteering at the SafeHarbor shelter in 2011 and became the director in 2016. She has a huge weakness of elderly pets!

This is Raine, Montica's old best friend! She lived happily. She lived happily until she passed in 2015.


(Volunteer). Adoption Counselor

April has been with SafeHarbor for 3 years. She is very passionate about animals and plans to pursue a career involving animals.

This is April's dog, Alice! She was a stray and has been a big part of their family since 2017.


(Volunteer) Adoption Counselor

Sam has been with SafeHarbor for 4 years. She helps with the paperwork and our vet runs. Her favorite thing about the shelter is the kitten season and playing with all the kittens!

This is Sam's dog, Drake! He is very mischievous and too smart for is own good.


(Volunteer) Adoption Counselor

Lacey has been with SafeHarbor

animal shelter since 2019. She helps

with the paper work and schedules most of our vet runs. She loves learn about our dog's behaviors and is  learning how training some.

This is Keeva, Sue Ann's cat! They both go back a long time with SafeHarbor.

Sue Ann

A Board Member

Sue Ann has worked with SafeHarbor for a long time. She takes care of the dogs, answers the Shelter's main phone and participates in anything that is needed.


A Board Member

Kris has worked with SafeHarbor for a long time as well. She takes care of the cats and loves them very much!

This was Lacey's childhood cat! His name was Tiger and lived happily 2006-2017.

This is T.J. and Emma, Kris's cats! They were both strays and were rescued by Kris!