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Meet some members

and their pets!

Safe Harbor is a no-kill, free-roam, not-for-profit shelter. Safe Harbor was reopened under new management in 2016.

We adopt out on average anywhere between 180 to 220 cats a year! And close to a 100 dogs per year!

We also work with the Missouri Department of Corrections' program called Puppies for Parole.

Below are just a few of our volunteers that help out.

We have a designated Cat building, which also serves as our main office. It has four large Cat rooms where our cats are allowed to move freely both inside and outside with their fellow felines.

Our Dogs are kept in outside kennels and allowed to run in two large exercise pens where they can play fetch and dive in the kiddie pools during the summer.

If you're interested in learning more please feel free to contact us via Facebook, our phone number, or through the website.

This is April's dog, Alice! She was a stray and has been a big part of their family since 2017.


Director of shelter
Montica started volunteering at the SafeHarbor shelter in 2011 and became the director in 2016. She has a huge weakness of elderly pets!


This is Raine, Montica's old best friend! She lived happily. She lived happily until she passed in 2015.

Adoption Counselor / Board Member
April has been with SafeHarbor for 3 years. She is very passionate about animals and plans to pursue a career involving animals.


Adoption Counselor / Board Member
Sam has been with SafeHarbor for 4 years. She helps with the paperwork and our vet runs. Her favorite thing about the shelter is the kitten season and playing with all the kittens!

This is Sam's dog, Drake! He is very mischievous and too smart for is own good.

This is Keeva, Sue Ann's cat! They both go back a long time with SafeHarbor.


Sue Ann
Volunteer / Board Member
Sue Ann has worked with SafeHarbor for a long time. She takes care of the dogs, answers the Shelter's main phone and participates in anything that is needed.


Volunteer / Board Member
Kris has worked with SafeHarbor for a long time as well. She takes care of the cats and loves them very much!

This is Krista's dog, Linus. She adopted him from Safe Harbor.

These are Kris' cats.


Housekeeper / Board Member

Krista has been volunteering for 7 years. She does the majority of our canine vet runs and fosters dogs frequently. She likes to keep the main building organized and is the Board's Secretary.

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